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Rigoletto – Macerata Opera Festival 2015 “If the Duke turns into a pulp gangster, masterly directed by Federico Grazzini, we may feel confused: but since the acting is so strong, we immediately embrace it. Rhythm, concept, stage ideas are crucial and remarkable. Grazzini is a talented director in his early thirties, technically skilled and showing a deep knowledge of human affections.”

Il sole 24 ore Newspaper

Rigoletto – Macerata Opera Festival 2015 “The Rigoletto that opened the 51st Macerata Opera Festival is simply beautiful. In Federico Grazzini’s finest direction the court of the Duke is replaced by a space as much cruel and miserable: a suburban amusement park. Hugo’s drama is told with striking fidelity and sensibility.”

Corriere della sera Newspaper

Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi – Teatro Regio Parma 2014 “Grazzini’s direction lets everyone agree.”

La Gazzetta di Parma Newspaper

Der Fliegende Holländer – Teatro Ponchielli Cremona 2013 “The good new comes from the staging by Federico Grazzini, young director deserving careful attention. His ability to tell stories charms us. The true world is filtered through the hyper-realism of industrial ironing work, the dreamlike one of the Dutchman through the video files by Luca Scarzella, most beautiful and amazingly employed by Grazzini.”

Corriere della sera

Il barbiere di Siviglia – Teatro Fraschini 2011 “The scenic game, rhymed like a musical from the american golden age, and the brilliant idea of letting Love win over “God Dollar”, were successful in an amusing and savory show that found the audience’s unconditional favour.”

L'Opera Newspaper

Gianni di Parigi – Festival della Val d’Itria 2010 “Director Federico Grazzini has invented a smart scenic design. The show is consistent, a jaunty inventive rules the relationship between word and action, costume and environment, a sort of variation on Rossini’s opera buffa, together with some blinks to operetta that made everything absolutely compelling.”

Operaclick Newspaper

Hansel and Gretel – Teatro Sociale di Como 2009 “Singers, orchestra, direction and sets are rarely this coordinate on shared targets. Bravo, truly bravo. Brilliant script and amazing Grazzini’s direction that caught so well each character’s features.”

La Provincia di Como Newspaper

Turandot – Opéra de Nice Cote d’Azur 2014 “Tout ce que montre Grazzini est sombrement beau, raffiné, pour commenter avec une légèreté de touche parfaite, quelque points précis et révélateurs du livret d’Adami. Plaisir de l’intelligence, originalité de l’approche, simplicité, vérité des masques et visages également, comme pour mieux nous plonger dans un monde où la violence a dépassé le stade de latence pour dicter sa loi.”

Podcast Journal France Newspaper

Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi – Teatro Regio Parma 2014 “One of the most beautiful shows on stage at Teatro Regio of Parma in the last years.”

GBOPERA Magazine Newspaper

Der Fliegende Holländer – Teatro Ponchielli Cremona “A beautiful direction signed by Federico Grazzini, one of the most interesting italian directors. A show made on a budget, but with plenty of good ideas. Grazzini perfectly renders the script, in a clear and accessible conversation, also for those less familiar to opera and Wagner. A successful show that gives hope for forthcoming Wagnerian repertoire’s explorations.”

L’Opera  Newspaper

Il barbiere di Siviglia – Teatro Fraschini 2011 “What if the Barber of Seville is not set in Seville but in some small-town surroundings in Ohio, U.S.A., around the Fifties; what if Don Bartolo plays golf and lives in a cottage with garden; and what if Figaro the barber is beyond factotum also electrician, mechanic and gardener. Some may say that’s not the Barber by Rossini. Anyway the experiment works, and does not only work: it enchants.”

Corriere della sera Newspaper

Gianni di Parigi – Wexford Opera Festival 2012 “On retrouve la mise en scéne colorée efficace et bien réglée de Federico Grazzini.”

Opéra Magazine France Newspaper

Hansel and Gretel – Teatro Sociale di Como 2009 “Hansel and Gretel, is a gem. Grown-ups are going to like it too. The staging is light and imaginative, although made up of a few elements, like a Disney cartoon. Do not miss it.”

La Repubblica Newspaper

Turandot – Opéra de Nice Cote d’Azur 2014 “La mise en scène de Federico Grazzini est magnifique : à la fois sobre et somptueuse, mais sans esbroufe.”

Artcotdazur Magazine Newspaper